Financial calculators

What will my payment be?
Should I finance my car purchase for 48 months or 60 months?
How much difference is there between a 20-year fixed note and a 30-year fixed note mortgage?
When should I begin saving for a college education or retirement?

These are great questions you may be considering before a big financial decision or purchase.  We offer several financial calculators as a FREE resource to help our customers answer these questions and more*.

*These calculators are provided as a courtesy to our customers and the information provided is intended for illustrative purposes only.

Mortgage Calculators

Adjustable Rate Mortgage
ARM vs. Fixed Rate Mortgage
Mortgage Loan
Compare Payments for 15, 20 and 30 Year Mortgage
How Much Can I Afford?
How Much Can I Borrow?
Rent vs. Own Calculator
Monthly Payment Calculator
Payment Schedule Calculator
Extra Payment Calculator

Loan Calculators

Amortizing Loan
Car Loan

Retirement Savings and Planning Calculators

College Savings
How Long Will My Retirement Savings Last?
Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) for Current Year
Roth vs. Traditional 401(k) and Your Paycheck

Please note:   First National Bank of Gilmer is not responsible for calculations made using these online calculators. There is no warranty, express or implied, for the accuracy of the information. The figures shown are hypothetical and may not be applicable to your financial situation.  Please consult your financial advisor.