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VISA Debit Card

You don't have to write a check to make purchases with the money in your checking account. Not when you reach for the FNB Check Card.

You can use it just like a check wherever VISA cards are accepted. It's a welcome replacement at over 14 million merchant locations worldwide.

The FNB Check Card Is Easy to Use

Using the VISA Check Card is as simple as using any VISA card. Just present the card at the time of purchase and the amount will be deducted from your checking. That's it. There's no ID to show or checkbook to carry. You receive a receipt for easy record keeping. And every transaction is detailed on your checking account statement.


The VISA Check Card Is Not a Credit Card

The VISA Check Card is not a credit card. When you use it to make a purchase or to withdraw cash, the money comes directly from your checking account balance. It works like a check - only easier!
It also means free use of your checking account when out of town, traveling, etc.


Use a VISA Check Card for Everyday Convenience

Whether it's taking care of your grocery list, or picking up a last-minute birthday gift, the VISA Check Card is perfect for everyday purchases.

It offers you the convenience of paying from your checking account, without the hassle of writing a check or waiting for check approval. Try it to buy gas, hardware, software, even lunch, and leave your checkbook at home. Just tell the clerk "check card".


With a VISA Check Card, Get Cash in a Flash

The VISA Check Card is also your ATM card. So it's your source for instant cash at any of the FNB Automated Teller Machine locations and at over 174,000 Network ATMs worldwide that display the VISA, NYCE, CU24, Cirrus, Discover or American Express symbols.

Get It Now


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