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We hope you are enjoying our new and improved Online Banking site! Our goal at First National Bank is to provide a safe and secure environment for our customers while providing timely information about your banking relationship with us.

Frequently Asked Questions
question My online banking looks different than it used to. Why is that?
answer We updated our site to provide a modern look and feel for our customers.
question Why do my transactions print wrong on the page?
answer On the transaction page, you will see a printer icon. Click on this to get printouts of your transactions. They look great!
question Why can't I use the navigation buttons on my browser in Online Banking?
answer This is for your protection! Best practice guidelines suggest that the navigation buttons be deactivated in secure sites so that people will not use a computer after someone who has signed into a site like our Online Banking site.
question When I leave my computer alone for a few minutes, Online Banking makes me log in again. Why?
answer This is done for your protection. It keeps people from going behind you and viewing your private information. It is also required by our examiners to protect our customers.
question When I logon to Online Banking from a different computer, why do I have to answer my questions?
answer This is an added layer of protection to keep your private information private. Our goal is to make our site a safe and secure place for our customers.

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