Additional Services

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We are happy to offer a variety of convenient services developed for today’s busy lifestyles. Whether you want to bank at one of our convenient locations, at home, at your office, or while on vacation, we have a product that’s right for you.


ATM – Automated Teller Machines provide a way for you to withdraw cash anytime, anywhere. If using one of our convenient ATM locations, there will be no charge. If using an ATM at another bank outside of our system, a small fee may be charged to use the machine. We have ATM’s in the following locations: Gilmer, Gilmer Walmart, Big Sandy, Mt. Vernon, Pittsburg, Quitman, Mineola, Emory, Ore City and Diana.

ATM CARDS – an ATM card provides the holder with the ability to withdraw funds at an Automated Teller Machine. To make a withdrawal using the cards you will be required to enter a PIN or Personal Identification Number to validate the purchase. These cards may also be used with merchants to purchase goods and services.

AUTO DEBIT ON LOANS/AUTO DRAFTS – Save money or a trip to the bank by automatically paying your loan every month from your checking or savings account.

AUTO TRANSFER – A great way to make saving money easy and automatic. This service allows the account holder to move money from one account to the other on a regular basis. You may move money to a savings account, checking account, or provide a monthly allowance for your child at college. The possibilities are endless. Ask us today about how to get started.

CASHIER’S CHECKS – This is a guaranteed form of payment. Our bank will issue a Cashier’s Check as a way to provide payment for a large item. Ask us how we can help you with one now.

CHECK PRINTING SERVICES - For personal and business checking customers we can order personalized checks designed for your specific needs. Personal checks may be ordered in many different varieties. Our business customers may use their own personalized logo for more brand recognition. Checks can also be ordered to be compatible with your check printing software to make accounts payable and payroll a breeze. For pricing and more information on these or other services please contact your New Accounts Representative

CREDIT LIFE/GAP – Credit Life and GAP are insurance products that the bank can provide to our customers when they get a loan from our bank. Credit Life will make your loan payment for you in the event of injury during the life of your loan. It can also make your loan payment in the event that you lose your job during the life of the loan. GAP insurance will provide coverage on the value of your car/truck that covers the “gap” between what the insurance will replace the item for and the amount of the loan.

COLLECTION ITEM SERVICES – A service we provide when an item will not clear through regular channels, – Items such as out of USA checks, oil & gas lease checks, insurance drafts, large checks, etc. Anything that requires special handling is a collection item.

DIRECT DEPOSIT SERVICES – SOCIAL SECURITY, VA, RR RETIREMENT, PAYROLL – Use your bank routing and account number to take advantage of Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit is an easy and convenient way to receive payroll, Social Security, Veterans Benefits, retirement fund deposits and many other types of payments. Direct Deposit is initiated by the payer and is received by the bank at no charge, saving you the time it takes to physically deposit your check and the ever rising cost of fuel to get here. We invite you to take advantage of our Direct Deposit capability. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

E-STATEMENTS – A safe and secure way to view your Bank Statement!  When your statement is ready, you will receive an email from us telling you that your statement is available for viewing.  You then sign in to online banking and click on the E-Statement tab at the top of the page.  It’s very easy to use and it’s FREE!  If you have any questions about this service, you can review our frequently asked questions page or just give us a call.

FINANCIAL CALCULATORS – What will my payment be? Should I finance my car for 48 months or 60 months? How much difference is there between a 20 year fixed note and a 30 year fixed note? These are all questions that everyone wants to know before considering a big purchase. We offer these tools as a FREE resource for our customers to help answer those questions before going to the bank. The Financial Calculator section is under the Personal Banking section of our website. You can also find mortgage calculators in the Home Mortgage section of the site as well.

MONEY ORDERS – A financial instrument our bank can issue allowing the individual named on the order to receive a specified amount of cash on demand. One of the main benefits of a money order is that it is more trusted than a personal check, because it is prepaid.

NIGHT DEPOSITORY/BAGS – This is a service the bank will provide to businesses that need to make a deposit after banking hours. This is a great option for businesses who receive great amounts of cash that need to be in safe keeping until the bank opens. The bank will provide you with a secure bag in which to make the deposit. The deposit will be placed inside with the appropriate deposit slip.

ONLINE BANKING/BILL PAY – A system allowing individuals to perform banking activities at home, via the internet. Online banking enables our customers to perform all routine transactions, such as account transfers, balance inquiries, bill payments. Account information can be accessed anytime, day or night, and can be done from anywhere. With Bill Pay, once information has been entered, it doesn’t need to be re-entered for similar subsequent checks, and future payments can be scheduled to occur automatically for Bill Payments and Transfers. For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or call us today.

PHOTO COPIES: We are happy to assist our customers with photo copies as the need arises.

REMOTE DEPOSIT CAPTURE – This is a great service for business customers who make frequent trips to the bank to make their deposits. This is also a great option for businesses that process a lot of checks from their customers. The product involves the bank placing a check scanner at your business and some software on one of your computers. At this point, you can make deposits without having to leave your office. Please note that we cannot receive cash deposits this way, only checks. Please let us know if you are interested in this product.

RESEARCH COPIES: We can research accounts and make copies for you.

SAFE DEPOSIT BOX SERVICES – Some things are just too valuable to leave at home. Be it antique jewelry, coin collections or important documents, let us help you keep your valuables protected. Ranging in size from 2” X 5” to 10” X 10 ½” we have just the box you need for one low annual fee. For pricing and more information on these or other services, please contact your New Accounts Representative.

STOP PAYMENT SERVICE – We can issue “Stop Payments” on checks or electronic transactions that have not been presented for payment.

TELEPHONE BANKING/TELEPHONE TRANSFER – Need to find out what the balance is in your account and you don’t have a computer with you? Call our First Line system to check your account balance, recent transactions, or make transfers. It’s very easy and It’s FREE! Call us today to get started.

VISA CREDIT/GIFT CARDS: The main difference between a Visa Credit Card and a Visa Gift Card is that the Gift Card is not “Reloadable”. The Visa Credit Card, may be “reloaded” with cash several times over until the expiration date on the card.

WIRE TRANSFERS: We are happy to assist you with both domestic and international wire transfers. When you need to send money fast – a wire transfer is your best choice. Bank wire transfers are immediate, safe and reliable.