President’s Message

Kelly StretcherPresident’s Message

We like to say “We Are – Your Family Bank, Your Business Bank, Your Hometown Bank”.

“Your Family Bank” means we are here for you when you are planning your dream home or a remodeling project; purchasing a car for your teenager or starting a college fund for your infant; buying a boat or a new tractor . . . . . .Families Are First With Us!

“Your Business Bank” means we are here for you when you open that new business, expand your current business, or upgrade your current equipment or inventory. We want to talk business with you every step of the way . . . . We Believe When Our Customers Succeed – We Succeed!

“Your Hometown Bank” means we are people that you know – we see each other at chamber banquets, grocery stores and gas stations; we see each other at football games and little league parks and parades -whatever is going on in the community, we are there . . . . . We are Your Neighbors and Friends!

At Every Stage Of Your Life – We Want To Be There! Come See Us Today!


Kelly D. Stretcher
President & CEO